The Power of Pause

a 2 hour restorative yoga practice and massage

- with Donna Dickey & Asti Maier

The Power of Pause: A Two Hour Restorative Yoga Practice and Massage 


Indulge in ultimate relaxation and renew yourself in this special two hour Restorative Yoga and Massage Event hosted by Pure Pilates and Yoga Abode


Certified Yoga Instructor, Donna Dickey, will gently lead you through a series of relaxing postures designed to help you slow down and nourish yourself. Licensed Massage Therapist, Asti Maier, will also be offering hands on touch through therapeutic massage. 


Donna offers hands-on instruction through adjustments, alignment and massage. She is an inspiring teacher known for her calm and creative approach to making yoga accessible to all of her students. Her classes promote inner peace, gratitude, self-love and compassion. 


Restorative Yoga uses yoga props to assist and support the body in positions of ease and comfort to facilitate relaxation and improve overall health. This is a practice of deliberate stillness and it requires zero muscular effort. Stillness itself is a powerful practice. 


In this gentle practice, we will settle into supported floor poses (legs up the wall, gentle twists, supported forward folds and back bends, and slight/supported inversions) for intervals of 5-15 minutes while allowing our bodies and mind to release tension, tightness, stress and pain. Gentle yet deep breathing is encouraged while you allow gravity to ground you towards the steadiness of the earth. This practice offers deep relaxation and a total mind and body reset. Our nervous system is stimulated when we are able to slow down, pause, and relax into these poses, which promotes a sense of well being, including reducing stress, slowing your heart rate and breath, fights depression and insomnia and increases blood flow to your vital organs. 


Restorative Yoga is safe and appropriate for all levels, including those new to yoga and those recovering from injury or illness. 


We invite you to come and give yourself permission to create space for release in your body, mind and soul. 

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Pilates for Tennis

- with Tammy Crump

Pilates gives athletes an edge mentally and physically. The practice reduces injuries, speeds recovering time, improves range of motion, promotes efficient breathing techniques, and develops a mind-body connection.


Pilates movement patterns will have you lying on your side, stomach, back, sitting, standing, rolling

and balancing in different ways. 

Please wear fitted exercise apparel along with toe socks with stickies on the bottom. 

We do sell toe socks should you need them. 


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