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GYROTONIC® Pensacola

Pure Pilates is home to GYROTONIC® Pensacola. We are the largest and most fully equipped GYROTONIC® studio in Northwest Florida, with 2 Pulley Tower Units, a GYROTONER®, and a Jumping-Stretching Board. 

GYROTONIC® is unique because unlike most conventional exercise machines that focus on linear or isolated movements, GYROTONIC® movements emphasize multiple joint articulations without jarring or compression in circular motions. Special attention is paid to increased mobility and stability of the spine, resulting in a superior and well-proportioned body that is less prone to injury.

This work is supported by carefully designed and hand crafted machinery developed by Juliu Horvath, creator of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION METHOD®, that allows for movements that address the entire person, open energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase range of motion, and improve strength and movement efficiency. This highly customizable equipment can be adjusted to fit each persons unique physique and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm/leg length and range of motion.


GYROTONIC® exercise is used world-wide as an effective cross-training exercise for movement enthusiasts of all walks of life, as professional conditioning by dancers, athletes, golfers, and equestrians, and in rehabilitation facilities, and as a complement to Pilates training, as seen at Pure Pilates. Practiced in group or private classes under the instruction of a qualified GYROTONIC® Trainer, GYROTONIC® is a great addition to an existing fitness program.

Pure Pilates is fortunate to work with Anjali Austin, a GYROTONIC®GYROKINESIS®GYROTONER®, and Leg Extension Unit Master Trainer with over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching the system. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose background includes a thirteen year performing career with Dance Theatre of Harlem. Anjali holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, and is a Professor at Florida State University’s School of Dance. When not teaching at FSU, choreographing, or training Gyrotonic Apprentices around the country, Ms. Austin teaches at Gyrotonic Tallahassee.


If you are interested in attending a training at Pure Pilates to become a certified GYROTONIC® instructor, please contact the studio.

Upcoming Trainings


Develop a foundational understanding of the Gyrotonic Level 1 exercises and prepare physically for the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course. During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course exercise list.


6 days

Cost: $850

Studio Fee: $100



During the apprenticeship period students are required to complete 60 “teaching client” hours and a minimum of 30 supervised apprenticeship hours. Apprentices complete their supervised apprenticeship hours under the guidance and supervision of a Gyrotonic Master Trainer. These hours are usually broken down into two 15-hour weekend courses.


This step prepares apprentices for the final step, Gyrotonic Test Out, held at select studios around the world.

Cost: $700

Studio Fee: $100


Foundation Training

Develop a more in-depth understanding of the Gyrotonic level 1curriculum and gain the specific skills and techniques needed to teach these exercises to others. During this course, a Gyrotonic Master Trainer introduces the teaching techniques and principles underlying the

Gyrotonic level 1 exercise syllabus and introduces the complete exercise curriculum.

12 days

Cost: $1,500

Studio Fee: $125



After completing Level 1 Training, Gyrotonic instructors are invited to explore the specialized equipment. This training applies Gyrotonic principles to the GYROTONER®.

Cost: $800

Studio Fee: $100

Other specialized equipment include the Archway, the Leg Extension Unit, and the Jumping-Stretching Board.

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