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After marrying a Coastguard from Gulf Breeze, FL and spending the last 27 years serving as a military spouse and mother – raising three (now successful adult) children, she and her husband have settled in the beautiful Pensacola Bay area.

Jill built upon her foundation rooted in 18 years of contemporary dance and increased her knowledge and skills of health and well-being. She engaged in several different practices including Barre Method, various Hi Intensity Training (HIIT) programs, Yoga, TRX, and strength training, that not only enriched her knowledge in wellness, but also provided her with a diverse perspective having lived in eight different states.

Since early childhood, Jill has been passionate about wellness, physicality, and movement of the human body, but the most impactful event that drew her to seek greater knowledge of a truly holistic approach to wellness, is when her son was diagnosed with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder at age two. During this challenging time, Jill did a deep dive into unconventional recovery strategies: applying functional medicine, ancient fermentation practices, hyperbaric therapy,behavioral/occupational therapy, and gut restoration. Ultimately, attaining the knowledge and skills to recover their son.

Jill’s continued passion for helping others and lifelong learning, leveraged with her knowledge of nutrition and body mechanics, enables her to help her clients achieve their individual goals.

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